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Quality water is important to all of us - in our home life and business environment.  HMU adheres to all mandated and many self-imposed standards to bring quality water to Harlan. 

The City of Harlan's water is supplied by 23 shallow wells located along the Nishnabotna River. The new water treatment plant came on line in 2013.

HMU uses a reverse osmosis process to treat water.  We provide soft water, which saves customers in detergent bills and hard water scale in boilers and heat exchangers.



Water Test Results

Water Testing

The average finished water test results are:

Hardness - 120 ppm/7 grains

Total Chlorine - 1.24 free Chlorine

Fluoride - 0.75 ppm

Iron - .01 ppm

Manganese - .015 ppm

Six water samples are collected monthly from rotating locations throughout the city and are submitted to Mangold Environmental Testing Laboratories for bacteria analysis.

Further analysis is done every three years by the State Hygienic Laboratory and includes tests for lead and copper, volatile organic compounds and synthetic organic compounds, per state requirements.  Radiological testing is performed every four years.  Copies of all test results are available upon request.   Harlan's water is not only clean and safe for drinking, but also clear, refreshing, and delicious. 


Did You Know...

  • We serve over 2,400 residential, rural, and industrial customers.
  • HMU has two water towers with total storage capacity of 1 million gallons.
  • Clear wells on the HMU campus provide another 750,000 gallons of storage.
  • Average gallons of water through our plant each day: over 500,000
  • The treatment plant is staffed by 5 licensed operators.