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  • It's local - locally owned, operated and supported. It is the only telephone system owned, operated and controlled by Harlan residents.  Local control means quicker response to your questions and better service.

  • One call service for Telephone, Cable TV and High Speed Internet.

  • One bill for Local Telephone, Cable TV and High Speed Internet. Long distance billing is included when you choose HMU as your carrier.

  • More of your money stays right here in Harlan working for you.  This means more expanded telephone, Cable TV and Internet features and upgrades other towns don't have.

  • Free calling features. HMU telephone service gives you the choice of choosing from popular calling features such as Call Waiting and Three Way Calling at no additional monthly charge.

  • HMU telephone customers can receive 120 minutes of free Long Distance per month.

  • Expanded calling area. Heavy users can call surrounding towns with a discounted calling plan.




Lifeline Services

Lifeline is a plan that assists qualified low-income Iowans by providing a monthly reduction of $9.25 on their local telephone bill.