High-Speed Internet

WWW doesn't mean World Wide Wait
Take advantage of all the Internet has to offer with a
high speed Internet connection from HMU.


World Wide WebWhat does High-Speed Internet mean to you?

  • Quicker downloads
  • Faster streaming
  • Robust gaming
  • Less time spent waiting = more time spent doing.


Lifeline Applications


Fiber to the Home

Fiber to the Home Near the end of 2019, almost all of Harlan is serviced by a direct fiber connection. Fiber is virtually 'future proof' meaning it will be almost impossible to exceed the technical capabilities of a fiber connection compared to old twisted pair copper wires or even coax.

At about 1/11th the size of a human hair, fiber allows for more data over a smaller physical connection meaning greater throughput for more HD video channels and almost unlimited Internet capacity. A fiber connection means HMU is poised to offer enhanced data services now and in the future.

Some IP services, like remote thermostat control, smart appliances and accessing whole home security systems, are available now. New applications are emerging and who knows what new services will be developed in the future? HMU is ready for whatever comes.