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The original Gas System was built in 1954. Harlan now has 32 miles of gas main lines. Approximately 31 miles of system is coated steel, referred to as cathodically protected, and the rest is a specially designed plastic.

HMU contracts with two providers to help us serve our customers. We purchase our gas from British Petroleum and we contract with Northern Natural Gas to deliver this gas via regional pipelines to our town border station. It is here that we meter how much gas is used for the town. As natural gas has no smell, this is also where we add an odorant. The odorant helps detect gas leaks.

For our customers' safety HMU also has personnel available 24 hours a day to check for natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide concentrations

Suspected Gas Leak

If you suspect a natural gas leak inside the home or business, leave immediately without turning on or off any lights or touching any electric device including a telephone.

Call 911 or HMU from another location or use a cell phone away from the building. Do not go back inside the building for any reason until HMU personnel tell you it is safe.

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