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Harlan Municipal Utilities
2412 Southwest Avenue
PO Box 71
Harlan IA  51537

Telephone: (712) 755-5182
Fax: (712) 755-2320

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Customer Service

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service
at the lowest possible cost.

Harlan Municipal Utilities is a customer-oriented utility providing electric, gas, water, local and long distance telephone service, cable TV and High Speed Internet. Our Customer Service Representatives are knowledgeable and friendly. They are willing to discuss any services, billing questions or problems you might have.


The benefits of having a municipal utility in Harlan are many and varied.

Service Request

If you are a new resident moving into Harlan Municipal Utilities' service territory, please contact the HMU Customer Service Department at 712-755-5182. You will be asked to come into the office and complete an application for service. No deposit is required as long as you can provide a good credit reference from your last utility provider covering a minimum of 6 months service. Utility services available are electric, gas, water, telephone, cable TV, and High Speed Internet.

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Change of Address/Final Read Request

In addition, if you are leaving HMU's service territory and have been using our cable TV or Internet service, you will need to make arrangements to return any equipment you have. Failure to return cable TV or internet equipment will result in your being charged for the equipment.

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Customer Bill Assistance

HMU Customer Service Department Personnel are available to consult with customers who may find it difficult at times to pay their utility, telephone, cable TV or Internet bills. This service may include referrals to local agencies who can provide assistance to meet emergency situations. HMU will, in most cases, provide payment agreement options to help customers during financially difficult periods.

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Special Programs

Project Share

As with every community, there are needy households who are unable to pay their energy bills. The Project Share program is a voluntary contribution program which enables HMU to assist these individuals.

All types of households are eligible for assistance. No administrative costs are charged to the program, so every dollar contributed goes to help needy households.

HMU customers can contribute to Project Share by filling out a form available at the HMU Customer Service Department. Forms are also printed twice a year in the HMU newsletter. Project Share contributions are tax deductible.

One - Call Service

Iowa One Call Before You DigBEFORE YOU DIG, Call 1-800-292-8989 or 811Anytime an excavation or digging is going to be made in excess of 12 inches, it is required that notification be made to Iowa One-Call. The advantage of the Iowa One-Call system is that only a single telephone call need be made by the customer. Iowa One-Call then notifies all electric, natural gas, water, telephone, cable TV and sewer providers to locate these services on your property. Once the location request is received by Iowa One-Call, they then FAX the request to HMU. For non-emergencies, a minimum prior notification of 48 hours is required by the One-Call System.

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