Account Balance & History

  • You can check your account balance and history of electric, gas and water use or make a payment on these services through the links below. Please have your account number handy.
  • Pay cable TV, Internet and telephone bills online.
  • Trained personnel are available to help answer billing questions in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • Monthly billing statements provide information on all charges and usage for electricity, gas and water. HMU also bills sewer and landfill service for the City of Harlan. All of these charges are billed on one statement.
  • Telephone, Cable TV and Internet are billed on a separate statement and include all local telephone service charges, long distance charges, monthly feature charges, cable TV services, Internet service any additional voice, video or data service.
  • Electricity, natural gas and water are billed from our rate schedules and are based on metered usage. Telephone, Cable TV and Internet services are based on monthly fees per established rate schedules.
  • Questions related to billing usage or charges can be directed to the HMU Customer Service Department or call (712) 755-5182.


Other Billing Options

Budget Billing Plan

A Budget Billing plan helps level out monthly utility bills. We look at the previous year's usage of Electric, Gas and Water and determine an average use per month. You're billed the same amount each month over the next 12 months regardless of your actual usage. Budget Billing helps you plan monthly expenses. Contact a Customer Service Representative for complete details.

Budget Billing balances are reconciled each April and new payment amounts are calculated for the next 12 months. Accounts may be reviewed and adjusted at other times due to change in use, rates or account balance. Contact Customer Service for details.

Payment Stations

Payments may be dropped off at any of the locations listed below.  Check individual locations for hours of operation.

  • Harlan Municipal Utilities Business Office- - 2412 Southwest Ave
    • Pay in person during regular office hours. Or,
    • Payment drop off slot on the west side of the building to drop off payments after normal business hours.

IMPORTANT: Off site payment stations are a convenient way to drop off your utility and Telecommunication payments. Payment stations do not post your payments. Payments are posted to your account only when we physically receive them in our office. Due to holidays or other circumstances, it may be several days between the time you drop off a payment at any of the above remote locations and it is received at our office. Please make allowances for this time lag if you drop off a payment on or near the due date at any location other than the HMU offices. Dropping off your payment at a payment station instead of at the HMU offices may result in you receiving an overdue notice due to this lag.

Dropping off a payment in person or in the HMU drop box at our main office will speed up the posting process.

Bill Assistance

HMU Customer Service Department Personnel are available to consult with customers who may find it difficult at times to pay their utility, telephone, cable TV or Internet bills. This service may include referrals to local agencies that can provide assistance to meet emergency situations. HMU will, in most cases, provide payment agreement options to help customers during financially difficult periods.